Epson HX-40 ???

From: Cord Coslor <>
Date: Mon Feb 16 12:51:37 1998


This weekend I had a great run of the swap meets, etc., in Wichita,
Kansas and came home with about 50 different machines, tons of software,
etc., etc. Anyway, there are two specific machines I would like to ask
about now, I will post further questions on several others in the

First, I picked up an Epson HX-40 laptop-sized computer. On the front it
says MagicBox above the LCD screen. On the back there is a battery bay
as well as a rom chip bay, and it says Epson HX-40 Model # H401A. I
understand this machines runs off of program-specific rom chips. It has
a chip in the slot under the trap-door, and when I boot it, it comes up
to a pharmacetical company inventory, order, etc., menu. The machines
runs off of 4 AA batteries or a AC adapter. It really is a cute machine,
but I want to know more. In searching the web, I find 1 measly reference
to this machine... yes, 1 (or two), neither of which give any info. on
this machine. It is listed on a guys resume as having experience in
working with it. I do find a lot of information on the well-known Epson
HX-20 --- known as the 1st laptop computer. In finding pictures of that,
this one looks really similar. This one has ports labeled BCP and one
labeled SP on one side, and on the back is the cassette, seriel, and
RS-232C, printer, and power adaptor ports. There is also a 50-pin port
on the opposite side with no label. I guess what I am wondering is if
any of you have some more information on this little guy? No year can be
found on it, but I suspect early 1980s. Does anyone have any other
'chips' for it to insert other software into memory. Are these units
rare? Please let me know any information. If you're interested in it let
me know that to.

Next, I am curious about a Data General One laptop computer I picked up.
Specifically, I need to know what type of power supply it takes, as I
can't find that information anywhere. It says it is ms-dos based, but I
am wondering what dos would run on it. It has 2 3.5" disk drives (Epson
drives), and I am curious as to if it had a hard drive? It has a
full-screen, I would suppose monochrome? Could it display graphics,
etc.? Also, when was it made?

*any* information on the above two items most certainly are welcome, and
would be quite appreciated. Please let me know if you are interested in
getting either one of these as well.

I will post some more very unique items in the next couple of days that
I was lucky enough to get my grubby little hands on....

Thanks in advance,


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