Epson HX-40 ???

From: Mike Allison <>
Date: Mon Feb 16 12:00:30 1998


Go to Caldera's home page:

and download their PC Dos 7.0. It's free for individual evaluation and
should run the DG 1 well.

-Mike Allison

Cord Coslor wrote:
> Next, I am curious about a Data General One laptop computer I picked up.
> Specifically, I need to know what type of power supply it takes, as I
> can't find that information anywhere. It says it is ms-dos based, but I
> am wondering what dos would run on it. It has 2 3.5" disk drives (Epson
> drives), and I am curious as to if it had a hard drive? It has a
> full-screen, I would suppose monochrome? Could it display graphics,
> etc.? Also, when was it made?
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