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Date: Mon Feb 16 14:17:13 1998


   Thanks for the URL. It looks like the 3B2 is better. To start with, I
can use a terminal with it instead of having to find some kind of odd ball
keyboard and monitor.

 I found some other 3B2 FAQs but their URLs aren't available anymore. I
did find one site with some interesting 3B2 information. It belongs to the
US Army's Theater Mediacal Information system. They were using 3B2s but
they're in the process of replacing them with HP 9000s. The 3B2s are going
to be disposed of as "unserviceable". So if anyyone is interested in 3B2s
that can probably find a lot of them cheap through the DRMO. There is even
a tenative replacement schedule listed at the TAMMIS site.


  PS there is lots of technical stuff about the 3B2 buried underneath all
the announcements at the TAMMIS site. I found info on how to connect and
set up additional terminals, how to setup as PC to connect to the 3B2 and

At 10:55 PM 2/15/98 -0700, you wrote:
>3b2 might be even better. They were going for 300 to 1500 back in '90
>when I was messing with them
>A good page (with pics and some data) is:
>I can't seem to get to any of the referenced faq pages.
>Joe wrote:
>> The hamfest is finally over. Whew, am I glad to be home! I checked the
>> AT&Ts closer. They're not 3B1s. They're 3B2s! Anybody know anything about
>> them? I found a little info at the Obselete Computer museum at
>> "http://s.ecc.engr.uky.edu/~morgan/3b2/3b2faq.html".
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