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From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Tue Feb 17 11:44:43 1998

> I don't know where the figure of 250kW came from. I cannot find it
> anywhere.
> I have found some figures, though, for indifidual 3090 processor units
> _only_, dated 1986 and 1987. While I agree with you in principle,
> William, you'll be surprised at some of these.

<models snipped out>

> Note 1986 figures were given with and without vector facility; 1987
> figures were given as minimum and maximum values.

Are these all water machines? There are some air-cooled versions that are
probably reasonable.

> These figures are not even for a minimum system - you have to add disk
> drives and that awful 400Hz motor generator set - which can consume up
> to 7kW in itself.

Yes, the 400 Hz would be a problem, almost as much as a cooling system (if
one went with a water machine - probably too big of a headache).

> So, as I said, a typical system based around, say, a model 200 might
> consume 50kW, but even that needn't cripple you financially.

No. Around me, electricity is not very cheap - 11 cents/kWh - but running
a 50kW computer is not a financial burden if done in moderation. What
might be a burden is getting the service entrance of the house to a point
where it could handle 50kW nicely.

I suppose that is the good thing about RCS/RI - we are in a factory, and
are looking to get real 3-phase installed!

William Donzelli
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