TRS80 Model 4P problem

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Date: Tue Feb 17 12:03:02 1998

I have a slightly wierd problem. Not sure if it is hardware or software.

Ok, I turn the 4p on with no floppy in the drive. It says:

The Floppy Disk Drive is not Ready. (in 3 languages, no less)

I put in the TRSDOS 6 system disk, the system appears to boot,
but the monitor looks like there is no sync. It is very fuzzy. I can type
in the date, and enter a command (dir :1), and the system appears to
do it.

Why does actually getting booted up cause the monitor to be unusable?

Trying other disks in the drive, if they are not system disks, causes other
messages to appear, perfectly readable.

Any ideas?

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