PDP-11/34 & DG Nova-3

From: David Williams <dlw_at_neosoft.com>
Date: Tue Feb 17 07:58:14 1998

Thanks to everyone that has helpped out so far. Everyone around my
office has been stopping by and asking what I'm doing. When I tell
them they look at me and ask, "Why?" I just ask them, "Why does
someone restore old cars?" Most reply, "Because they are cool." To
which I say, "Exactly."

Anyway, back to the piles of questions.

On 16 Feb 98 at 22:00, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> > This one was listed as a "DZ-11 U 8-line 20ma data MUX, 50 to
> > 100 Kbaud". Console connection?
> Not the "operator's console", but user serial ports after the OS
> starts up.

Traced a cable from it to a box with what looks like 8 serial
connectors. Need to take a closer look at it when I get back into
the warehouse, I seem to recall some DEC id on the box.

> One of the M7856's is the console port. Look for one that is
> jumpered for a CSR of 777560 - this one is the console.

One of them has a cable coming from it with a 6 pin connector with a
faded hand written label that says console on it. The connector is
unlike any I've seen before. Looks sorta like a larger version of a
drive power connector on my PC. The other runs off to a standard
DB25 serial connector. How can I tell if the board is jumpered
for a CSR of 777560?

> Assuming the console port is wired for RS-232, yes. The port may
> also be configured for 20 mA current loop, which your laptop
> wouldn't handle without a converter.

I've been hoping that it wouldn't be 20 mA current loop since I first
found the system. RS-232 terminals I have a bunch of.

I was back with the system earlier looking it over and taking some
pictures. (Have to document every step of the way.) Anyway, what are
the power requirments for these? The system and drive are plugged
into a box which seems to have a 220V cable coming out of it but the
plug end has been cut off. Do I need to use this plug box and a 220V
line or can I plug them into the normal lines?
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