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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Feb 18 10:33:59 1998

On Wed, 18 Feb 1998, Ward Donald Griffiths III wrote:

> > The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (across the street from my
> > neighborhood) auctioned off their Cray in 1993 and it was sold for $10,000
> > to some oaf who said he could get lots of gold out of it and was thus very
> > excited (there was a newspaper article about it). I was incensed, but oh
> > well. I expect there will be similarly high bidding by the scrappers on
> > this poor guy as well.
> Did the cops catch up with you after you caught up with him? Did he die
> slowly enough to encourage the rest of us to discourage the metal dealers?

I must've read about a totally different guy, because Frank pointed me to
another story about some local guy who it seems bought several Cray's and
put one on exhibit at a local computer museum. He's taken parts and
boards from others which he has encased in Lucite and sells as
"memory-bilia" to nerds.

His story can be found at the URL Frank posted:

The story I read back in 1993 quoted the guy as saying he would scrap it
for the precious metals. Might have been the same guy but maybe someone
pointed out the scarcity of Cray's to him and he had a change of heart.

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