System/34 contd.

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <>
Date: Wed Feb 18 12:29:17 1998

[Moving the beast]
Not sure. It's heavy, but only about 600lbs heavy - most of the innards are
are. If the CE-panel side is toward the wall, stand on the visible side, look
at the center of the machine, and you should see where 2 panels swing open.
The releases are halfway up the machine - you will need a pen cap or a butter-
knife to open it. Push on the small slot you'll see, and the door should
release. The door on your left gives access to the harddisk, you'll want to
lock the heads. Instructions for this are on the drive.
The right panel lets you see part of the PSU. Most of it's on the opposite side.
If you look down, at the bottom, there should be a yellow sticker showing the
PSU configuration (What voltage it needs!). I may be able to take pictures of
my S/34 this weekend, and I'll post them if I do.
Where are you at? If it's not too far off, I may be able to show up and help...
Oh, and I just reread my message. Above, I meant to mention that most of the
innards is AIR.
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