Commodore Ramblings

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 03:12:06 1998

Sam Ismail wrote (after Larry Anderson I think):
> > (note, 1525 uses THIN paper not 9 1/2" form feed, a misunderstanding in
> > the design specs, they thought 8 1/2" wide WITH the carrier.)
> Ok, now that is just plain lame. Who the hell designs a printer and
> forgets about the tractor feed bands?

Integral Data Systems, makers of the Prism and the Paper Tiger.
The Paper Tiger was rev 2. Rev 1 was this...thing...called
the BrighterWriter aka the IP-125 (text only) and IP-225 (with
bit-mapped graphics).

I used to have one. I can't remember what I did with it and don't
think I want to be reminded. It was really underwhelming and without
charm. Narrow paper path, lame tractors that didn't pull the paper
worth a darn, dain-bread graphics support (send a ^C I think to enter
graphics mode, then the characters you send go straight to the pins on
the print head -- one bit per pin, send another ^C to get out, and no
there was no way to escape ^C to send 0x03 to the pins).

At least it took the same ribbons that went in a model 33 Teletype.

-Frank McConnell
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