CPT 8525... what is it?

From: Richard W. Schauer <rws_at_ais.net>
Date: Thu Feb 19 03:16:15 1998

Hi everybody-

I've gotten another oddball computing object that I have no information
on. (like the Diablo 1340 hardcopy terminal I posted about last week.)
I've found a CPT 8525 system (out in the rain, but it doesn't look too
bad). It has an internal monitor, portrait orientation, and two
half-height 8" floppy drives. The keyboard is huge, with a whole section
of what appear to be word-processing-related keys. Opening the case (two
quarter-turn screws) reveals a somewhat modular layout. There are 4 cards
in a 5-slot cardcage: (1) 1771-based floppy controller, (2) 8080A-based
CPU, (3) unknown, probably I/O, and (4) 128k x 9 RAM (in 4116's). The
floppy drives are held in by thumbscrews. Two more bolts and the top
comes off. From here the CRT is visible. The power supply is underneath
the whole thing, and the keyboard connects through heavily shielded ribbon

Right now I'm waiting for it to dry out before I fire it up. If anybody
knows anything about this thing (or has even heard of it), I'd appreciate
the help. I also picked up a (wet) TI-99/4A expansion chassis and
Panasonic KX-D4910 portable data terminal with acoustic coupler or
direct-connect modem and thermal printer.

Richard Schauer
Received on Thu Feb 19 1998 - 03:16:15 GMT

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