CPT 8525... what is it?

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Thu Feb 19 14:01:20 1998

Richard W. Schauer wrote:

> I've gotten another oddball computing object that I have no information
> on. (like the Diablo 1340 hardcopy terminal I posted about last week.)
> I've found a CPT 8525 system (out in the rain, but it doesn't look too
> bad). It has an internal monitor, portrait orientation, and two
> Right now I'm waiting for it to dry out before I fire it up. If anybody
> knows anything about this thing (or has even heard of it), I'd appreciate
> the help. I also picked up a (wet) TI-99/4A expansion chassis and

I'm not familiar with the units but CPT made a line of dedicated word
processors. From what I've heard, it was very good for its time.
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