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Date: Thu Feb 19 15:34:28 1998

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>> >> >Jason D.
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>> >> Still haven't been back to the place that had the pile of them.
>> >> were bunches at the hamfest though. Most were $75 to $100 (asking
>> >
>> >Joe,
>> >
>> >Ouch!
>> >
>> >What was the usual PS/2 models with this inflated asking prices
>> >unless it has special reason for this?
>> >
>> >Let us know after thru these piles anyway.
>> >
>> >Thanks!
>> >
>> >Jason D.
>> >
>> The owner is a typical surplus store owner. He buys the stuff for $30
>> a pallet load (20 to 30 machines), but wants an arm and a leg for each one.
>> He'll scrap the stuff before selling it cheap. I went back down there
>> yesterday to look at some HP's and found out he had pulled ALL the boards
>> out of them and was still wanting $100 each for the empty boxes and power
>> supplys. The owner was acting like a jerk so I didn't even ask about the
>> PS-2s. I don't think they're anything special about the PS-2s but I'm not
>> very familar with them so I don't know for sure.
>Hee hee, I agree with you, that guy is jerk! :)

   He'll be a lot more willing to negotiate when he needs money. I'll try
him again sometime.

 Well, so good luck
>with alterative place anyway and see how things goes. What do you
>mean by what do you not familiar with PS-2s? I could help you to

   I don't know what the various models have in them or which ones are rare
or valuable. Do you have a brief list that has that info? I could use a

  BTW the trip to his place wasn't a complete waste. I stopped at a trift
store on the way back and bought a AT&T 7300 and some NorthStar manuals.

>Jason D.
>> Joe
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>Pero, Jason D.
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