From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Thu Feb 19 15:54:39 1998

  Nope, this is a different bastard. Actually only half-bastard. He's
down right civil when he doesn't have money in his pocket and wants to sell
something. But we do have plenty of full time Bastards here, in fact too

  What kind of HP were you looking for? Sounds like HP 9000s. I have
several 9000 200s and a 310.

   If you ever hear of any more HPs for auction, let me know.


At 03:13 PM 2/19/98 -0500, Cap'n Naplam wrote:
>It was thus said that the Great Joe once stated:
>> The owner is a typical surplus store owner. He buys the stuff for $30
>> a pallet load (20 to 30 machines), but wants an arm and a leg for each one.
>> He'll scrap the stuff before selling it cheap. I went back down there
>> yesterday to look at some HP's and found out he had pulled ALL the boards
>> out of them and was still wanting $100 each for the empty boxes and power
>> supplys. The owner was acting like a jerk so I didn't even ask about the
>> PS-2s. I don't think they're anything special about the PS-2s but I'm not
>> very familar with them so I don't know for sure.
> You're in Orlando, right? I might know the guys (or at least, there some
>similar people in South Florida).
> I attended an auction at Florida Atlantic University last year, hoping to
>pick up some nice computer equipment. There were a stack of HPs (68k based
>ones) for sale (that I had actually used years before at the university) in
>one pallet, the monitors were in another, and the keyboards in yet a third
>(my first complaint about the auction - the people running it didn't know
>the first thing about anything they were selling).
> Anyway, my friend and I were after the HPs and we had between us about
>$400 so we both had high hopes. This was before The Bastards.
> The Bastards were two guys with an obvious bankroll and to me, it seemed
>like they were just going through the motions of the auction and would have
>rathered just come in and cart the stuff away, screw this auction crap.
> We eventually got to the HP monitors, which, for the most part, could only
>be used with the HPs. Bidding started and The Bastards ended up with the
>monitors. My friend tried to talk to one of The Bastards about the
>monitors, but The Bastard wasn't really interested in listening to us. The
>HPs were next, and they basically outbid us on a dozen HP units.
> We tried telling them they weren't PC compatibles and tried buying some
>from them right there, but The Bastards "want to take an inventory and see
>what we have. Call us back next week."
> They also managed to pick up just about every damn keyboard (since most
>keyboards were in a separate pallet) in the auction and THEY WOULDN'T EVEN
>Evenone else by then wanted to tar and feather The Bastards for basically
>ruining the auction [1].
> I tried calling them the following week but got no where. I suspect the
>HPs have been scrapped by now. Pity. They were nice machines.
> -spc (Wanted to tie and gag The Bastards)
>[1] There were two fussball tables for auction as well. One man wanted
> to buy one for his son (who attended the auction with his Dad) of
> about 10 years or so. The Bastards out-bid him on the first table,
> and drove the price up to $100 for the second table and apparently
> were "kind" enough to let the father get it.
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