QUESTION: can x86 Linux write ATARI TOS boot image?

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Date: Thu Feb 19 20:58:19 1998

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<< I'm sure there must be some places doing mail order, however, it seems most
 places can't even get DD 3.5" disks, and a lot of the Amiga and Atari
 dealers are selling used ones. Now might be a good time to stock up on a
 supply of HD floppies, especially 5.25" ones! >>

i think the overrated demise of 5.25 disks is way too premature. wally world
(walmart) still sells 5.25 disks, in both high and low density and at work, i
was looking through a catalog someone brought to work, and saw low density
5.25 disks for 19cents in lots of 100. i wouldnt worry about it yet.

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