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From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Thu Feb 19 21:13:32 1998

At 10:55 AM 2/17/98 +0000, you wrote:
>> ABACUS (the Atari Bay Area Computer Users Society) still runs it's BBS on
>> an Atari 1040ST. (Though, to keep this off-topic, we're thinking of moving
>> to a linux box.)
> A travesty !! Or do you mean minix. The Toronto Atari Federation
>still uses FoRem on a TT. (still sucks) (The sys-op will get me for
>that ! )
Well, Most of the club members have non-Atari modems... Why stick to only
Atari when there is an alternative that will do a better job of letting us
make the most of our Atari's? I see the BBS like a modem; doesn't need to
be an Atari to host Atari discussions.

In any case, it's kind of a moot point as ABACUS now supports Mac and PC
users. We decided that the true value in the club was the members. We
knew each other, and enjoy our company, and don't want to lose that just
because some have moved on to another platform. So now we do everything.

Something to think about as an alternative to letting a good club die out.

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