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Date: Fri Feb 20 00:55:43 1998

It was thus said that the Great jpero_at_cgo.wave.ca once stated:
> > It was thus said that the Great Joe once stated:
> > >
> Biggest CHOMP on tasty shamelessly loud and long rantings...Burp!
> The thing you called these guys as "The Bastards" is seeking for
> simply put:
> GOLD and rare chips. And Aluminum, copper, steel, some iron and some
> plastics, bit of glass in this order from valuable to least value.
  Okay, but that still doesn't explain the Fussball incident (where they
drove the price on two fussball tables to over $100 each! They got one, and
let someone else get the other).

> Yep, this makes me mad but basically, what starts this all in first
> place was how clueless these asset guys at that school. If they're
> not palletized and sold individually in loose big boxes just enough
> to get guys started on those machines then that would be great!

  They were clueless, but when you have a warehouse full of old equipment
it's just as easy to put all the items of one kind over here, those of
another kind there and what have you.

  But it was the attitude of The Bastards that really pissed everybody off.
They appeared exceedinly bored by the whole thing, they had money and they
let everyone know it too.

> So, that is not really the "The Bastards", College was.

  Well, college wasn't all that great, but for more reasons than just this

  -spc (Still a bit upset 8-/
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