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Date: Fri Feb 20 09:32:40 1998

On Fri, 20 Feb 1998 jpero_at_cgo.wave.ca wrote:

> The thing you called these guys as "The Bastards" is seeking for
> simply put:
> GOLD and rare chips. And Aluminum, copper, steel, some iron and some
> plastics, bit of glass in this order from valuable to least value.
> Yep, this makes me mad but basically, what starts this all in first
> place was how clueless these asset guys at that school. If they're
> not palletized and sold individually in loose big boxes just enough
> to get guys started on those machines then that would be great!
> So, that is not really the "The Bastards", College was.

The thing is, the college is just looking to get rid of the stuff as fast
a possible. Palletizing everything that looks similar and auctioning off
by pallets is the quickest. If they had to auction off systems one by one
they'd be there all day. But then again, they could always do a Dutch
auction. Someone just has to appeal to them the virtues of selling the
systems to those in need or want of one. In the future, it might be
possible to convince an organization in a similar situation to set aside 4
or 5 complete systems for those wanting to purchase them to use. Then any
that didn't get sold get added to other mass lots and get auctioned off en

Its up to us to convince them that their junk is still treasure to us.

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