From: Mike Allison <mallison_at_konnections.com>
Date: Tue Feb 24 20:41:02 1998

I think they came to an auction here in Utah.

Assholes outbid themselves at least twice. Bid above the starting bid
on items which no one else bid on. Then, continued to drive the bids up
on items with multiple duplicates even though the second and third
bidders got a chance to buy the items outright at the bid price. For
the most part, they were bidding on everything and most everyone else
just wanted one system.

They pushed things up past the street price on many occassions.

They were just too cool...


Captain Napalm wrote:

> You're in Orlando, right? I might know the guys (or at least, there some
> similar people in South Florida).
> I attended an auction at Florida Atlantic University last year,
> The Bastards were two guys with an obvious bankroll and to me, it seemed
> like they were just going through the motions of the auction and would have
> rathered just come in and cart the stuff away, screw this auction crap.
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