Found a decent use for a PC...

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 11:01:02 1998

<No, it's just something about REALLY LARGE frontpanel boxes that rules.
<The KA-10 is plain awesome. It's not only a real good hack, but it's
<the foundation of timesharing and the ARPAnet. I'll probably never see o
<in action, so I'm amassing as much information as I can - maybe it can b

I have and it's more than awesome.

<re-built? Who knows, they used discrete components...

Half the problem is finding one that is complete enough with minimim
peripherals. The peripherals also eat power. just the cpu with a hack
to use modern disks for power and space savings wouldn't be out of line.

As to being discrete, the answer is mostly not completely. It's a
hackable machine.

<Of course, this is WAY out of my league, but if I keep docs around...

You never know.

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