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Date: Sat Feb 21 09:50:19 1998

ah, the 9533! i bought two nonworking ones for $30 and fixed them both! i gave
one to my brother that is still in warranty for two more months. these
machines have 3 year warranty and some are still under warranty. Im having
problems getting a nic to work, but a cute little machine nonetheless. i love
the keyboard too. i have never seen the matching lcd though.


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<< > All PS/2 starts with 85aa-yyy,
 Not all of them. One of my favorite odd-ball computers is the IBM PS/2e
 (9533). It's a very small low-power desktop model with 4 PCMCIA slots.
 One of mine even has an external flat panel VGA display. Because of the
 low power consumption, I use one as my home LAN internet gateway.
 BTW, does anybody have an extra floppy and cable for one of these things?
 It uses a notebook floppy drive and a notebook-like cable (mylar?). >>
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