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Date: Sun Feb 22 04:46:45 1998

On Sat, 21 Feb 1998 SUPRDAVE_at_aol.com wrote:

> ah, the 9533! i bought two nonworking ones for $30 and fixed them both! i gave
> one to my brother that is still in warranty for two more months. these
> machines have 3 year warranty and some are still under warranty. Im having
> problems getting a nic to work, but a cute little machine nonetheless. i love
> the keyboard too. i have never seen the matching lcd though.

$15 each?! Such a deal! I'll take 100 of them. Make sure you get
everything you need done to them while they're still in warranty. Once
they're out of warranty, IBM will still sell you parts, though. They're
asking $684 for the mobo (which is much better than the $3000 IBM Canada
wants for that part) :-)

The keyboard is my all-time favorite. I found one at HSC in Sunnyvale
about a week ago, and I tried to haggle them down from the $35 they were
asking for it. The owner came out and said "it's mine!" and refused to
sell it as he put it away into his private stockpile.

What kind of networking problems are you having? Do you have the PCMCIA
model? Some of them had a token ring card instead of PCMCIA.

Obligatory 10-year-old-plus story: HSC also has a DG/One (I think they
want $45 for it) and an odd-looking Morrow portable that wasn't in very
good shape. I passed on both, so if anybody is looking for these things,
check with these guys:

-- Doug
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