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Love the mention of the TRS-80 Model 1,3 game creators Big Five
Software!!! The first great home computer games! Bill Hogue and Jeff
Konyu are still alove and well, talk to them both occassionally. Even
got the Big Five Software credit on the gameboy release of Miner 2049er,
which incidentally wasn't a TRS-80 game, but for the Atari series.
However, I am currently seeking permission to rewrite Miner 2049er for
the TRS-80 Model 1,3 and 4 computers! Three different versions. Well,
maybe one version for the Model 1 & 3, but a seperate version for the
Model 4. How many games do you actually see that were written for TRSDOS
6.x for the Model 4? I figure it would be fun to write for the M4 and
utilize the different graphics, as well as the different sound calls.
I've started some code on the TRS-80 Model 3 version, and am going to
see if I can get permission to use the Big Five Software name and the
"Miner 2049er" name on the title screen. If not, at least we'll have a
good remake of another classic!


p.s. anyone else doing any retro computing for similar computers?

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