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From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_wco.com>
Date: Sun Feb 22 00:56:58 1998

Well, I thought I'd trumpet my trophies from today's hunting since I
haven't done a trip like this one in a while and it was fun.

Nothing really amazingly special today, but there were some nice finds.

First stop: Computer Recycling Center

Commodore Colt (PC-10C) - the Commodore IBM PC compatible, kinda neat.
 Has a WD hard drive inside (don't know what size)
Radio Shack CoCo1 with the old-style (original) keyboard. I believe this
 is a 4K model. Came with the RS Modem I and a manual set plus some carts
 and a bunch of tapes with instructions
Radio Shack Line Printer VII
Zenith Data Systems Portable - this is the OEM'd Morrow Pivot Portable
Everex external tape backup - this is cool...it uses cassette tapes for
 (apparently) 40MB backup. Coincidentally I found another one of these
 at stop #4 with a cassette. The cassette looks like your standard tape
 cassette but it has a notch on the tope of the casing in the middle. Can
 this drive use standard cassettes? It apparently plugs into the external
 floppy connector of an IBM PC
Mac SE with 4MB RAM and 20MB HD
Bunch of books, cables, Apple II software, other miscellany

Total: $50

Second Stop: Surplus Store

Atari 600XL with Atari 1027 printer
(2) Lobo 5.25" drives for the Apple II (of course Marvin knows
these were manufactured in Santa Barbara, CA!)
Apple //e numeric keypad, joystick
(2) Apple //c power supplies

Total: $30 (haggled down from $45)

Third Stop: Thrift Store #1

Mattel Aquarius with Mini-expander and two game controllers in excellent
 condition (my first computer!)
Atari 800XL

Total: ~$15

Fourth Stop: Thrift Store #2

Burroughs C-7400 Electronic Adding Machine - I don't know if this should
 be called an adding machine or a computer. It seems to have some sort of
 computing ability. The keypad has this overlay with commands such as
 "GOTO", "IF" and "GOSUB" printed on it. I haven't fired it up yet but it
 has a one line LED (LCD?) display. Looks very neat. I don't normally
 collect adding machines except when one really jumps out at me. Any
Data General External 5.25" Floppy Drive - I believe this drive was
 specific to the DG1 laptop. The funny thing is I just recently saw a
 photo of it on a web page and was thinking "Hey, I want one of those"
A whole OS/2 library of books (like 10 volumes on OS/2 including developer
 manuals for Presentation Manager, etc).

Total: ~$15.00

Fifth Stop: Surplus Store

Northstar Advantage in excellent condition
Panasonic Portable Data Terminal - similar to the TI Silent 700 but a
 little more polished
Televideo PC-605 - this is a more IBM compatible model of the Televideo
 PC. This one apparently has a color CGA monitor instead of the more
 standard monochrome display. It also is supposed to have a PC compatible
 BIOS and can thus run some PC apps. It also has a HD (probably 20MB)
Corvus Systems Hard Drive unit - I believe this goes with the rest of the
 Corvus Concepts computer. It has several connectors on the back labeled
 "Processor", "Drive"...it also has one labeled "VCR" and a video IN and
 OUT jack. McFrank, this is so you can backup to a VCR right?
Misc. MicroPro software packages (CalcStar)
Misc. books: Rexx, 8080/8085 Assembly Programming

Total: $80

Grand Total: ~$190
Total spots visited: 5
Total Elapsed Time: 7hrs
Deal Scale: 4 (1=Bad Deal...10=Great Deal!) [I've had better days]

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