Vector Graghics

From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 08:59:09 1998

At 02:40 PM 2/21/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Joe wrote:
>> I went to a trift store and found an interesting looking 5 1/4" disk. It's
>> copy righted to Vector Graphics and Digital Research and is labeled Vector
>> 4 CP/M Version 1.0 Release 2. Does anyone know what it's for?
>It sounds like the CP/M System disk(s) for the Vector model 4. As I recall,
>the disks are 16 sector hard sectored floppies. One of these days, I intend
>to fire up the Vector 4 I have and find out what is required to set up the
>hard disk (it was removed from the unit I have, and while I have
>replacements, I have no idea what is required to format and prepare it for
    Bingo! You win first prize. It is a hard sectored disk, I hadn't even
noticed that.


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