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Date: Sun Feb 22 08:42:42 1998

the 9533 i had was preloaded with os2 but now i'm running pcdos7 and win3.11
just fine. i trying to get a pcmcia nic to work but having problems. the nic
worked in my thinkpad but i dont remember how i had my autoexec.bat and
config.sys set up.
i do not remember the memory inclusions and exclusions that need to be set up.


<< What kind of networking problems are you having? Do you have the PCMCIA
 model? Some of them had a token ring card instead of PCMCIA.
 Obligatory 10-year-old-plus story: HSC also has a DG/One (I think they
 want $45 for it) and an odd-looking Morrow portable that wasn't in very
 good shape. I passed on both, so if anybody is looking for these things,
 check with these guys:
 -- Doug >>
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