Tandy/Radio Shack Model 12

From: Gerald D. Pine <gpine_at_popmail.mcs.net>
Date: Sun Feb 22 10:20:47 1998

I have a non-working Radio Shack Model 12 computer, some software, and some
documentation that I would gladly give to someone who could use them. I
don't think that the unit would be worth the cost of shipping as the
computer is probably useful only for parts for someone who has one already.
I know that one disk drive (it has two 8-inch drives) is bad. It was
physically ruining diskettes by scraping off the coating in a ring toward
the center of the diskette. In the process of inspecting the unit to check
out the drives, I managed to break off a nub of glass near the CRT socket
and the vacuum seal was broken. If someone wanted to fix this unit, he
would need one good 8-inch, half height drive and a new CRT. So far as I
know it has one good drive, a good motherboard, power supply, keyboard, and
whatever other electronic boards as might exist (I don't remember). The
computer was working at the time I finished it off mechanically except for
the bad disk drive.

I also have the Model 12 Owner's Manual and TRSDOS-II Reference Manual, a
brand new copy of TRSDOS 2.0B Version 02.0B.00 from Radio Shack special
orders dept., a copy of Pickles and Trout CP/M for the Model 12, and a copy
of SuperCalc 2 with P&T CP/M. I also have a plastic dust cover for the
Model 12.

I live in the Chicago area. If anyone is interested in picking up the unit,
send me an email, and we'll make arrangements. If someone wants the unit
enough to pay the cost of packing and shipping via Mailboxes Etc., I'll
check into costs, but I doubt that it would be a good investment. Let me
know of any interest.

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