Tandy/Radio Shack Model 12

From: Dan Stephans II <adept_at_mcs.com>
Date: Sun Feb 22 11:44:52 1998

I'm in Lisle and would love to stop by and pick this baby up. Let me know!



Gerald D. Pine wrote:

> I have a non-working Radio Shack Model 12 computer, some software, and some
> documentation that I would gladly give to someone who could use them. I
> don't think that the unit would be worth the cost of shipping as the
> computer is probably useful only for parts for someone who has one already.
> I know that one disk drive (it has two 8-inch drives) is bad. It was
> physically ruining diskettes by scraping off the coating in a ring toward
> the center of the diskette. In the process of inspecting the unit to check
> out the drives, I managed to break off a nub of glass near the CRT socket
> and the vacuum seal was broken. If someone wanted to fix this unit, he
> would need one good 8-inch, half height drive and a new CRT. So far as I
> know it has one good drive, a good motherboard, power supply, keyboard, and
> whatever other electronic boards as might exist (I don't remember). The
> computer was working at the time I finished it off mechanically except for
> the bad disk drive.
> I also have the Model 12 Owner's Manual and TRSDOS-II Reference Manual, a
> brand new copy of TRSDOS 2.0B Version 02.0B.00 from Radio Shack special
> orders dept., a copy of Pickles and Trout CP/M for the Model 12, and a copy
> of SuperCalc 2 with P&T CP/M. I also have a plastic dust cover for the
> Model 12.
> I live in the Chicago area. If anyone is interested in picking up the unit,
> send me an email, and we'll make arrangements. If someone wants the unit
> enough to pay the cost of packing and shipping via Mailboxes Etc., I'll
> check into costs, but I doubt that it would be a good investment. Let me
> know of any interest.
> Gerald
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