I got some more stuff! :-)

From: John Rollins <rexstout_at_ptld.uswest.net>
Date: Sun Feb 22 13:32:18 1998

Well, at the hamfest yesterday I got a VT220 terminal, an HP-IL/HP-IB
converter(maybe now I can use my HP 2225B...), a Laser 128 with two
monitors(broken Zenith and working Apple Monitor III) two disk drives(Apple
Disk II and a clone) a box of Apple II cards(mostly printer cards), a Hayes
Micromodem II(110/300bps switchable, Apple II card and a box that sits
outside the computer), two huge 9600bps leased line modems(kinda useless,
but they were free!), an IBM 3180 terminal keyboard(but no terminal...),
and of course I couldn't leave without getting a battery for my TH-205
radio. Everything seems to work except the VT220 keyboard and the Zenith
monitor, and I have no way of testing the modems but they ligth up when
plugged in, and I'm hoping that the 3180 keyboard will work with my 3191...

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