RCA CDP 1802 & SC/MP parts

From: J. Maynard Gelinas <jmg_at_iac.net>
Date: Sun Feb 22 13:44:28 1998

        I just landed pieces to an 1802 kit! I've got everything but
the hex keypoad and power supply (though I'm sure +12, +5, -5 would
do the trick). This is not one of those single board computers like
the ELF-II, it's made up of several boards which connect to the main
unit via ribbon cables. Here are descriptions of the boards:

        Primary board with 1802
        labled "Infinite"
        Part Number UCE100001
        dated 1976
        This board has a rather large crystal which appears to run at
135khz (if I'm reading the markings right). A large blue 3000 MFD
capacitor, some smaller disk .01 uf capacitors, and these chips:

        4) RCA 701 CD4001AE
        1) RCA 631 4049AE
        2) 2606B (I think this is the 256 bytes of RAM)

        The board also has a two sided 36 connector per side edge
card, which connects to nothing. Next to the 1802 is a red ribbon
cable which attaches to another board containing four LED readouts and
a singfle LED light (attached to the Q bit I suppose). Each LED (but
the Q light) has F9368DC 7705 - one for each LED). The second board
is listed as INFINITE 1976, UCE30004.

        On an unattached board are two LED's, four chips and a 24 pin
socket (empty - I guess for a monitor ROM). This chips are:

        2) RCA 701 CD4001AE
        1) M1-0110-5 (7649)
        1) MC14013CP (7438)

        The last unattached board contains three switches and three
buttons, with a metal faceplate labeled UC 1800. The buttons are
labeled Reset, Start/EF1, and Enter, the switched are labeled ON/OFF,
STNDBY Power, and Load Mode. This board also has four chips:

        3) MC14013CP (7438)
        1) RCA 636 CD4011AE

        Both of the unattached boards connect to the primary board via
a ribbon cable terminated by a 14 pin DIP; there are two 14 pin DIP
sockets on the primary board. It's unclear which board should be
plugged into which socket.

        I also snagged pices to an SC/MP kit, along with a bunch of
DOCS and old COMPUTE newsletters dating from 1978 or so (WOW!). Also
got a COSMAC Microprocessor Product Guide (think I could call up RCA
and order any of the things listed therein????? - HA!), and an
original RCA 1800 Users manual (WOW!), in almost pristine condition.

        As a kid I put together an ELF-II in 1980 (I was 12), so I
have some familiararity with this line of processors (could never get
over the gethi instruction yuck yuck yuck). Looks like I need to put
together a hex keypad and P/S to get this up and running. Anyone have
any ideas? Also, this things is missing the CDP 1861 video driver
which my old ELF-II used to have - what's up with this? I wonder what
happened to all those old late 70's kit manufacturers... I don't see
any FAQs out on the net for those old ELF's, KIMS, SYMS, and AIMS. Oh
well, relpies by the curious and knowledgeable would be most

J. Maynard Gelinas
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