TRS-80 Questions

From: Win Heagy <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 16:23:20 1998


I've recently acquired a TRS-80 4P and a TRS-80 III. The 4P works
and came with a system disk and a couple small programs. The
model III did not have a boot disk or any other software. When I turn
the III on, DISKETTE? appears on the screen. I assume it is waiting for
a boot floppy. Since I haven't used a TRS 80 since the 70's,
I am unsure of many of the details. What I am wondering is if
the model III can boot from the system disk for the 4P? When the
4P starts, it says also has a DOS 6.2 system disk, but
it can only be read intermittently. Is there any place that I can get
a system disk to boot the model III? Is there an archive of
software that I can use to demo both the 4P and the III?

Thanks for any advice...


Win Heagy
Received on Sun Feb 22 1998 - 16:23:20 GMT

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