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Date: Sun Feb 22 17:04:51 1998

> ;-) Clearing the snow from my glasses, I saw typed:
> [snip]
> >Mitsumi and Epson floppy drives are junk.
> I dunno... I've had a 7-year-old Mitsumi on my CoCo for... well... 7 years
> or so, it seems to be running fine... OS-9 loves that 80-tracks!!!
That is wrong date range I experienced. These ones was between '90
and '95 makes.

> >Teac is just o. k.
> Never had a Teac fail, either.
Lucky u. :) I have a teac with blown stepper IC it has PIT on
to. Have to find it and give # for it.

> definately true-- just assembled one of them (that's what they wanted...)
> Had to be careful to not cut myself.
Yeah, at my end of work day, I have few bandages or sucking on a cut
fingers and few scars when I worked for period at a nasty reseller.
> >Aceropen stuff is not too bad
> Uh, really? Last I knew, Aceropen was a division of Acer, which everything
> I've seen is some of the nastiest junk in the world (read: worse than
> Packard Bell)...
What was last time???
> Just my $0.00002,
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