KNOXM5 RSTS Rides Again!

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 15:45:27 1998

<From: "Daniel A. Seagraves" <>

<KL0: 176510 300 <<< What is that?

real time clock or line time clock

<DM0: 170500 440 DH0

DM is the DH mux and is 8lines

<KB9:KB24 disabled - no DH0: controller

You have to have 3 controllers for that many lines I believe and it only
found one.

<And wasn't DM0: a disk controller? Am I supposed to reset the CSRs to th

Its that DH muxed serial line thing you looking for. you may have set
CSRs though Tim S may know the specifics for U-bus.

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