Altair price check

From: Yowza! <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 18:04:38 1998

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Sam Ismail wrote:

> Well, if I wanted to buy a Commodore 64 from you got $5,000 I'd say that
> was an appreciation in value. But I probably wouldn't.
> This goes back to the old's only worth what someone will pay.
> If you stuck the rarest stamp in the world with documentation and proof of
> authenticity in front of someone who didn't even know what a stamp was, to
> them its just a little scrap of paper. Pricing, no matter who determines
> it, is always subjective.

It's subjective, but not completely arbitrary if you believe in market
efficiency. I'm actually surprised Altairs are going for as little as
they are given their place in history, relative rarity, those cool
flashing lights, and the number of millionaires at Microsoft :-)

-- Doug
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