Copying TU-58's?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 19:24:40 1998

>VMS does support Tu58 on vax on a serial port(it is a serial device).

Ah, that is good to know!

>The real question is whats the target media? RX50, RX33, RX02? If one of
>those three the 11/44 can do RX02 and if you have a q-buss PDP-11 with a
>DLV11j or any other serial port at 176500 you can hang the TU58 off that
>and use RT-11 to do the tansfer.

Unfortunatly the 11/44 is in the early stages of being restored, and I'm
still searching for missing pieces. I do have a pair of SMS-1000's (Q-Bus
11/73), but they're lacking an OS.

As for the target media, he would like them transfered over to TK-50, but I
would assume I could place them on an RX50 (or RX02 eventually) though I'd
figured on copying them to a Hard Drive. Basically the only media he can
read is TK-50 or CD-ROM (somehow I don't feel like trying to figure out how
to place them on a CD).


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