Copying TU-58's?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 06:06:07 1998

<The person I've been getting a bunch of DEC stuff off of has a whole pil
<of TU-58 tapes that he would like to get transfered over to something he
<can read. I'm wondering if there is anyway I can attach the TU58 drive
<I've got for my PDP-11/44 to my MicroVAX II and copy these tapes for him

VMS does support Tu58 on vax on a serial port(it is a serial device).

The real question is whats the target media? RX50, RX33, RX02? If one of
those three the 11/44 can do RX02 and if you have a q-buss PDP-11 with a
DLV11j or any other serial port at 176500 you can hang the TU58 off that
and use RT-11 to do the tansfer.

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