TRS-80 Questions

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 20:49:39 1998

 Here's a couple more for the TRS knowledgeable.
from a TRS novice.
 1. Among the various TRS stuff I picked up recently was a
TRS-80 monitor. It has a similiar connector coming out
the front as the Model II. Was this the for the std. M.1
and M.3 ?
 2. Included with a TRS CoCo 1 I picked up last summer was
an adapter plugged into the cass.port. a label "TotalCommunications"
on one side and "Telelearning" on the other. Into this was plugged
another M/M adapter labelled " RS232 Gender Changer" Was this for
hooking up a fdd and/or modem ?

ciao larry
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