TRS-80 Model II

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Feb 22 20:49:38 1998

On 22 Feb 98 at 19:59, Fritz Chwolka wrote:
> What software do you get with it ?
> I've Pickles & .... CP/M 2.2c , TRS-Dos 1.0 and 2.1.
> Under CP/M 2.x I wasn't able to work with the external DS/DD drives
> with 1,2MB I only can format the disk as single sided.
> Isn't it a nice videoscreen on the Modell II ...
> And working with a harddisk must be great!
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> Greetings
> Fritz Chwolka / collecting old computers just for fun.
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Nice to know there's someone else on this M-L who has one. Info
seems pretty hard to find.

 The videoscreen is great. One of the first things I noticed when I
got it up and running.


Scripsit also some disks labelled Scripsit HD
Profile+ a utility type of prg
Teleterm 6.1 seems to be the primary term. used
Modem 7
TRS-Xenix v1.03 3 disk install set
TRS-Xenix v3.01 4 disk install set (hmm - didn't know Xenix was a
                       MS copyright)

CP/M Disks
CP/M56 ( ?) extended density(?) and utilities
M.G. master disk (MBasic, Wordstar, etc)
M.G backup disk with numerous other prgs.
Term Hand-labelled 1200baud with conf instr.
Term " 300 baud, TRS m.II says " for UNIVAC,
                               QUIK-COM, ENVOY 100, TRS m.100 "
Term H.-l. 1200 baud RS >> IBM-PC (Hard-wired !!! )
Games disk ( single density) would imply that some were double.

There were also a cpl. of head-cleaning disks and some empty ones

I haven't fired up the HDDs yet nor the ext. fdd (no time) . Who
knows what could be on there. I'll let you know. BTW could M. II use
The only only original disks were the dos 1.03, 3.01, and the 1st
disks of the Xenix sets. Lots of back-ups tho.

Looks like I could spend the next 6 mo. just exploring this sys.
Don't know if I want to go that route tho. The Term prgs and the
Xenix are exciting however. My old Phillips Micom2000 W-P
has a Shugart 8' Fdd and I believe a S-100 board and a bunch of
data I'd like to transfer to a newer system if I can find a card and
term prg for it. I know they made one.

ciao larry

ciao larry.
ciao larry
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