DataNumerics DL8 more info...

From: Andrew Davie <>
Date: Tue Feb 24 05:45:06 1998

> Could you tell me just a bit about the DL8? What does it look like, does
> work, any software... manuals?

I have no Doco or software for the DL8a, from memory there may be something
ROM, but I know that some of the ROM sockets are empty. It is contained in
single 19" rack mount case, mainly made from aluminium. On the back panel
is the fan, the power connector and a single female 25 pin D connector (I
it's a current loop port). The front panel is white with black lettering.
switches are toggle swicthes, some have red hoods, some have blue. I think
there are seperate banks of switches for address and data as well as the
halt, run, examine, etc. All the LEDs are red. I have powered it up and
watched it count in binary, but as I don't know 8080 and have never
programmed a
front panel system I haven't done anything else

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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