a brain... my kingdom for a brain?

From: Andrew Davie <adavie_at_mad.scientist.com>
Date: Tue Feb 24 05:15:21 1998

Tony's comment, below... about the only equipment needed to repair... was
So, as I have an Altair, a BBC, a KIM, a Sorcerer and various other beasties
awaiting ressurection, and having little (well, OK... no) electronics
experience, starting at square 1...
a) What should I be looking for in a logic probe. Any recommended models
(say, <$100)
b) Ditto for multimeter.
c) Where can I find a brain? :)
Actually, the Altair will be my first task. I'm thinking of #1 taking out
all the boards. Good idea?
I have it firing up and basically behaving, but some LEDs don't light when
they should, but are definitely able to light when they want to.

>Hmm... I've yet to find a classic computer fault that could not be
>tracked down using 3 things - a logic probe, a multimeter (DMM/VOM) and
>a _brain_. On the grounds that my brain isn't that good, I sometimes have
>to use other test equipment, but when I finally do track down the
>problem, I generally realise that the symptoms were obvious from the
>start if only I'd realised what they meant.
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