a brain... my kingdom for a brain?

From: Jeff Kaneko <Jeff.Kaneko_at_ifrsys.com>
Date: Tue Feb 24 09:11:55 1998

> Tony's comment, below... about the only equipment needed to repair... was
> helpful.
> So, as I have an Altair, a BBC, a KIM, a Sorcerer and various other beasties
> awaiting ressurection, and having little (well, OK... no) electronics
> experience, starting at square 1...
> a) What should I be looking for in a logic probe. Any recommended models
> (say, <$100)

Get a used HP. I bought one at a hamfest (years ago) for about $50.
It was a good deal. They work great, and they're still in production
after all these years.

> b) Ditto for multimeter.

Get a used Fluke 8020,8022, 8024, 8050. They're accurate, incredibly
easy to calibrate and repair, and rugged to boot. A 77 series would
be okay, but the price would have to be right. DOnt't bother with
the 8000, 8030,8040, no matter how cheap.

AN 8060, but again only if you can get a REALLY good deal on one.
They're a bitch to repair (having done it). I wouldn't buy a brand
new one.

> c) Where can I find a brain? :)

Living in Kansas, you'd think I'd know the way to Oz, but I don't. I
don't think I've ever met scarecrow I didn't like, though.

> Actually, the Altair will be my first task. I'm thinking of #1 taking out
> all the boards. Good idea?
> I have it firing up and basically behaving, but some LEDs don't light when
> they should, but are definitely able to light when they want to.
> A
> >Hmm... I've yet to find a classic computer fault that could not be
> >tracked down using 3 things - a logic probe, a multimeter (DMM/VOM) and
> >a _brain_. On the grounds that my brain isn't that good, I sometimes have
> >to use other test equipment, but when I finally do track down the
> >problem, I generally realise that the symptoms were obvious from the
> >start if only I'd realised what they meant.

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