North Star Horizon

From: Jack Peacock <>
Date: Tue Feb 24 18:09:28 1998

Joe wrote about a Northstar Horizon:
> I think it uses the S-100 bus. According to their manual, North Star
>used the same disk controller in the Horizon that they sold for the S-100
>systems. I have a NS S-100 controller. They are the same electricaly and
>software wise but maybe physically different.

I did some software work on a Horizon many years ago. As I recall, it had
two full height 5.25" bays, a good sized power supply behind the bays (on
the right side) and a shorty S-100 card cage on the left, 8 card slots? But
the NS motherboard also had some logic on the motherboard, at the rear. I
believe there were one or two 8251 serial ports, a baud rate generator,
maybe a parallel port or interrupt controller (look for an Intel 8214 or a
28-pin AMD IC)?
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