Provenance and lineage

From: Marty <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 12:17:21 1998

 I don't care for replicas. Instead of building a replica why not try
 to make your own design from scratch? At least it would be original.
 I don't have an Apple 1, doubt I'll ever luck into one at a reasonable
 cost and am happy with that (well... fatalistic anyway and have
 accepted the situation). At least the rest of what I'm preserving is
 real. No replicas/tributes/fakes for me.
 Marty Mintzell

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Subject: Re: Provenance and lineage
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Date: 2/25/98 12:57 PM

 At 09:41 2/25/98 -0500, Chuck wrote:
>Scott Walde wrote:
>> > >Thinking out loud:
>> > >I wonder what the market would be for an Apple I replica?
>Yeah, but!!!
>Can you picture the problems trying to document the lineage of a
>'genuine' Altair, IMSAI, or Apple.
 That's called provenance, and antique dealers do it all the time -- and
 I've written provenance on an Apple One myself, which was easy, since the
 board was being bought from a retired Apple exec and he showed me all the
 right stuff.
 Car and airplane collectors have procedures in place to deal with these
 matters, and we will end up copying those. For example, there aren't many
 Bugattis around any more with ALL their original parts, but thanks to the
 infrastructure that's evolved, people simply know which parts are in what
 car. It only matters when they change hands, anyway. This is what's
 behind, for example, Chris Bachmann's attempt to establish an Apple One
 Absent that, though, I think that any Apple One "replica" would currently
 be considered a forgery.
 Kip Crosby
 Computer History Association of California
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