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From: John Higginbotham <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 12:15:11 1998

At 09:54 AM 2/25/98 -0800, you wrote:

>Huh? The Apple II is *not* an upgraded Apple I, which seems to be what
>you're thinking. The video electronics in the Apple I is radically
>different and not easily emulated by anything that doesn't use
>the same design (i.e. dynamic shift registers.) The memory maps are
>completely different, etc., ...

What I am talking about is creating an Apple I replica, a replica that has
the same "look" as the Apple I did (have to settle on one wooden case
design though), but instead of the Apple I guts, we use Apple II hardware,
and run an Apple I emulator on the Apple II. Kapesh?

- John Higginbotham
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