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Date: Wed Feb 25 17:13:33 1998

tim shoppa:
   :But you can't just run an Apple I emulator on the Apple II. The
   :memory maps are completely different and the video chain of the
   :Apple I is radically different than any home micro designed since
   :the late 70's (i.e. it is *not* a memory-mapped video system; it's
   :closer to a dumb terminal bolted onto a 6502. Well, a really dumb
   :dumb terminal :-) )

hell, you can emulate anything on anything. it'd just mean you had to
emulate a 6502 on a 6502 and trap the pesky screen-write instructions.

then again, some things are better left undone... ;> for the benefit of
the unenlightened (ie. communa), could you please decsribe the
principles of the apple i's video system? thanks.

(or point us in the direction of such a description.)

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