Modern Minimalism (Was: Future Computing Trends)

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Date: Wed Feb 25 17:13:28 1998

jeff said
   :Oh man, now you're talking! I really wanted to Use Arachne as my
   :web browser, but I could never get the TCP/IP package to work
   :(either KLOS, or the other one whose name escapes me).

we had good results with DOSPPP, the conversions of the linux daemons.
they should be available on simtel. very good; haven't let us down yet
(except when the machine we run gets confused about which com ports it
has and hasn't got). and you can put pppd and comtool in your dos
directory and build a dialling batch file without lots of little bitty
files lying around :>

arachne is a good browser, yes (someone mentioned webspyder - that's
just arachne rebadged, isn't it?) but we got annoyed with the resources.
now we use a combination of htget and kevin solway's vh if we're
reading, or nettamer if we're searching.

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