Pascal System

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 19:57:05 1998

At 10:41 AM 2/25/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Mike wrote:
>>I have an IBM Pascal System for the PC
>>Does anyone know if it's possible to use a hard drive with this system?
>>There are no references and no seeming commands for manipulating

   Assuming the program isn't copy protected or uses a key-disk most of the
old stuff could simplely be copied to the hard drive and it would work.
Almost all programs went back to the default drive/directory when they
looked for a file so if you install everything in a hard drive sub
directory all you have to do is to change to that sub directory before
starting the program. Occasionally a program would be hard coded to expect
a disk in the A: or B: drive, using the ASSIGN command to redirect the call
to the hard drive subdirectory usually takes care of that problem. Best
bet is to try it and see.


  PS What version are you using? Is it Micro_Soft? I just looked and I
have Zenith (MS) Pascal ver 3.2. I can try it and see if it works if need be.
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