Is the RL02 cable straight-through?

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Feb 25 23:43:09 1998

>Stupid question:
>You are putting the bottom cover of the disk pack
>on top of the disk pack before you close the top,
>aren't you? The "lid closed" microswitch won't trip otherwise.

Here is an even stupider question. Bare with me, I've not seen a RL02 pack
yet, but I've used simular drives on Honeywell and UNISYS mainframes. The
bottom cover sort of clips onto the bottom, right? You take it off, screw
the pack into the drive and twist off the top cover? So you're saying you
then put the bottom cover on top the disk pack and close the lid?!?! I'm
hoping the bottom part of the cover is now sticking up!

Am I understanding this correctly?

Somehow I'm glad I saw this prior to finding any diskpacks for my /44! I
don't think I would have ever figured that one out :^/ Don't mind me, this
just sounds SO wierd, compared to the drives I'm used to.


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