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Date: Wed Feb 25 23:56:17 1998

Joe wrote:

> BTW is there a way to tell if this is a 7300 or a 3B1, other than the
> markings on the bottom of the case? The markings say this is a 7300 but I
> was told that only the 3B1 has the hump in the case and this one has a
> hump. The front label says it has a 40 Mb hard drive and du verifies that.

Yes, that is a 3B1. The 7300 had a 10Mb or 20Mb drive, no hump. The
3B1 had a 40Mb or 67Mb drive and a hump. There was an upgrade from the
7300 to the 3B1 and I'd hate to be the tech installing it -- dismounting
the monitor is a bitch. 3B1s generally had the later motherboard revs
and an extra fan, plus the power supply was beefed up -- those were NOT
part of the upgrade. There is an extensive 7300/3B1 faq kicking around,
gimme a second to xwindow over --
<http://www.mathcs.rhodes.edu/~stuart/3b1/3b1.html>. You'll also find
information on upgrades unsupported and unauthorized by either AT&T or
Convergent Technologies. The user community has shrunk in this past
decade, but those left are as fanatical as any other holdouts. And I
type that as a holdout in several other computer communities (not to
mention my non-euclidian political stands).
Ward Griffiths
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