Pretty good week

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Feb 27 06:51:02 1998

At 10:08 PM 2/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>At 09:37 PM 2/26/98, you wrote:
>>Awww! And all I've been able to get this week is a HP-97, HP-9815 with
>>various interfaces and a HP 9871 printer and a Commodore Pet 2083 with
>>MODEM, dual disk drive, printer and tractor feed attachment with all the
>>docs and software.
>Geez, where do you guys keep all these computers??? My wife would kill me,
>and my daughter of 19 months would tear them up. This is one reason why I
>collect GRiD laptops. They are the last word in durability, and are small
>compared to desktop systems and others.

   Well, I built a 12' x 12' building for this stuff last winter but it was
overflowing by the end of the summer. :-/ The HPs are keepers. The
Commodores are trading material or else E-bay fodder.

>(BTW, All I did this week was get Red Hat 5.0 setup and running on both my
>home and work machines, not that I'm trying to go off topic or anything...)
   Er, Ah, I hope that's at least a ten year old copy of Linux (just to
keep it appropriate to this list :-)

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