Pretty good week

From: John Higginbotham <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 21:08:02 1998

At 09:37 PM 2/26/98, you wrote:
>Awww! And all I've been able to get this week is a HP-97, HP-9815 with
>various interfaces and a HP 9871 printer and a Commodore Pet 2083 with
>MODEM, dual disk drive, printer and tractor feed attachment with all the
>docs and software.

Geez, where do you guys keep all these computers??? My wife would kill me,
and my daughter of 19 months would tear them up. This is one reason why I
collect GRiD laptops. They are the last word in durability, and are small
compared to desktop systems and others.
(BTW, All I did this week was get Red Hat 5.0 setup and running on both my
home and work machines, not that I'm trying to go off topic or anything...)
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